OOAK Booth Building

Written By Ali Harrison - February 23 2016


Ali (Admin)
May 02 2018

Hi! To answer your questions -

reb: Yes the walls were 8 feet deep – I had storage behind the triangle tree so there was approx 1’9" of space behind the booth.

Amanda: I do OOAK every year and it’s definitely worth it for me but it’s different for everyone and totally depends on product, etc. There’s a great facebook group “On my way to OOAK” that has some good resources and OOAK staff hosts OOAK 101 sessions to help you get more info. It’s always going to be a risk but many many people make it worth it. Good luck!

February 05 2018

Hi there. Did you come out only 8ft then deep? it appears that the walls are 2 – 4 × 8′s?

January 10 2018

Thanks so much for this information.

A BIG question and it’s very personal, did you manage to break even and make money? I am concerned with looking at about 5k to make this happen and then not knowing what’s on the other side.
Any advice would be great.
thank you

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