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  • Stand-Up Toronto

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Create your very own miniature Toronto cityscape with this adorable stand-up set. This piece comes with 12 iconic Toronto buildings and images. This item comes flat, with each piece attached to the outside frame (as pictured in 1st photo). You then pop-out each figure yourself by snapping or cutting the wooden strips connecting the images, and attach the small "legs" to stand each piece up.

Frame of piece measures approximately 15x9" - measurements of the individual images measure approximately 1/2"-3".

Included: CN tower, Skydome, new City Hall, TTC Streetcar, the ROM, Princes' Gate @ the CNE, 3 attached houses, bike, car, pigeon, raccoon, and 2 trees.

The designs of this item are 100% based on hand-cut papercutting artwork. The pieces were then scanned and converted to be lasercut. And OF COURSE, it's made in Toronto!

This item is cut from 1/8" birch wood.

CAUTION: Small pieces & sharp edges. Not recommended for small children or infants.

Please message us with any questions!

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